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Babies For Sale

Any currently available bearded dragons



Future Plans

Check out the exciting projects we have in the pipeline!




We generally use three different "grades" to describe the quality of our babies - although all are bred and raised to the highest standards, some naturally hatch out more vibrant or vividly marked than others.






The majority of dragons hatched fall into this category. They are good, healthy dragons which display all of the traits you'd expect them to for their morph and lineage.






Most clutches have a few dragons which stand out from the rest, in terms of their colour, pattern, growth rate etc. These dragons would be ideal for more serious serious breeders, or those looking to add a stunning beardie to their collection.






Unlike many breeders who sell "Holdback" dragons by the bucketful, our Holdbacks are literally that - dragons which are special enough as babies that we hang onto them for a bit with a view to possibly adding them to our breeding pool. If we decide not to keep them, they are typically available 2-6 months after the rest of their clutch. If you're looking for something extra special, keep an eye out for our grown-on Holdback Quality dragons - they usually sell very quickly though!


Occasionally we have a dragon who's technically good enough to be a Holdback, but which we know from the outset we won't be keeping - this is usually because they're not the sex we want, or are from a line that we don't need to retain dragons from. These are advertised as "Superior/HB"; they are the type of quality that we'd grow on for a bit, but for whatever reason we aren't able to do so.


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