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Babies For Sale

Any currently available bearded dragons



Future Plans

Check out the exciting projects we have in the pipeline!




Many answers can be found in our caresheet




Our preferred method of contact is by email or phone. We do receive a large volume of queries, but aim to answer all emails within 24-48 hours.


Email: andy@hadesdragons.co.uk


Phone: 07505 446 826 (afternoons and evenings)



You can also get in touch through a number of UK-based reptile forums, especially Reptile Forums UK (see our links page for more details). This is an excellent forum with many helpful and knowledgeable members.


My username on most forums is: HadesDragons



We love to see photos of our babies settling into their new homes and growing up. We hope to have a section of the gallery dedicated to your photos - please let us know if you have any photos of our babies that you'd be willing to let us add. Full credit will go to the photographer.


If contacting us for advice, please remember that we are not vets and that it may take a day or two for us to reply at busy times. If your dragon looks ill or in pain, you should consult a qualified vet without delay for advice and treatment.


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