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Beardies For Sale

14/10/10 - Some of our adults and older dragons are now looking for new homes. See our Available page for details.





After 8 years of keeping and breeding beardies, I've decided it's time to call it all a day with the reptile side of things. The intention is to scale things down and gradually rehome my adults over the next 12 months, before finally closing in 2011.


It's something I've been giving a lot of thought to over the last year or so, and have finally decided the time is right. As the plan is to spend some time abroad, it will end up being a complete closure, rather than just a "cutting back", but that's still a year or so away.


I am going to be around for the next year or so, and should still have babies available for the forseeable future, but eventually everything will be off to new homes. If anyone's interested in taking everything as a "ready made" breeding project, please get in touch to discuss this further.


I've had a great 8 years being involved in the hobby, and have made some great friends along the way. Although this is certainly not goodbye, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who's made the last 8 years so special!


If you have any questions about this or want to know more about specific dragons, please feel free - as always - to get in touch!






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