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Babies For Sale

Any currently available bearded dragons




Be sure to read our in-depth guide to keeping beardies!



Care and Info

Tips, tricks and other interesting information




We recommend that you have the following items ready and set up before you collect your Dragon.


Getting the cage set up and running for several days before purchasing a Dragon will help it adjust to its new home and settle in more quickly:





4' x 2' or larger for adults; young dragons can be housed in smaller enclosures but will quickly outgrow them



Paper / tiles / reptile carpet for babies; fine, sifted playsand can be used for adults


UVB tube

(8-12% strength) with a controller of the right wattage


Basking Light

Set to give a basking spot of 105-110f


Dimming Thermostat

This protects your Dragon from overheating


Basking Area

We prefer using rocks to branches as they have better thermal properties



Both fresh veg and insects


Calcium / Vitamin supplements


Water Dish and Food Dish



To control the day / night cycle of the lights



To check temperatures


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