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Dragon Care


This section is a directory of pages and articles about Bearded Dragons and (occasionally!) other species. Many of these pages will build on ideas discussed in our general Caresheet.


Eventually we want this section to become a mini-library of information about Bearded Dragons, complete with tips, tricks and everything else we;ve picked up over the years!


If we have made any errors or you have a suggestion for a future article, please Contact Us.




Caresheet - This is an in-depth guide to how we look after our dragons.


Checklist - This is a quick guide to the basic, essential pieces of equipment you need to have in place before you purchase a Dragon.


"Brumation - Who, What, Why, When and Where!?" (by Rick Catt) - Written by an Australian Bearded Dragon breeder, this superb guide looks at brumation - a sort of mini-hibernation that many Dragons show - and describes the ways to tell that your Dragon wants to brumate, as well as preparations you may need to make to keep your Dragon safe and healthy.






General Care - This is a brief overview of looking after your Dragon's food. Healthy food means healthy Dragons!


Handling Insects - Written by request for the squeamish among us, this guide - complete with photos - shows a couple of techniques we use to minimise contact with all the insects we feed our Dragons.






Fake Rock Display Cage - Another article written after several requests, this looks at the techniques I used to build a new display cage for my Bearded Dragon room.


Thermostats - This is an in-depth guide to using thermostats to protect your Dragon and to allow it to regulate its body temperature effectively.


Naturalistic VS Artificial - A look at two contrasting styles of vivarium setup, and the positives and negatives associated with each.






Sexing - Complete with photos, this mini-guide will show you how to tell boys from girls in the Dragon world!


Breeding Bearded Dragons - Our guide to breeding Dragons and raising happy, healthy babies.


The Costs of Breeding Dragons - A lot of people allow their Dragons to mate without fully thinking how they're going to provide for the babies. Here's an in-depth look at what you should expect to be spending - and making in return - if you breed your Dragons together.






Hypomelanistic (aka 'Hypo') - This page looks at the effects of the mutant "Hypo" gene which reduces the brown pigmentation in a Dragon's skin.


Translucent - This page looks at the effects of the mutant "Trans" gene which reduces the white pigmentation in the outer layers of a Dragon's skin.


Leatherback - This page looks at the effects of the mutant "Leatherback / Silkback" gene which reduces the size of the scales on a Dragon's skin, creating a smooth appearance and feel.






"Your Bearded Dragon - its habitat and water" (by Rick Catt) - Written by an Australian Bearded Dragon breeder, this informative article looks at the natural habitat of a Bearded Dragon, with a special focus on water.


Bearded Dragons and Their Relatives - The commonly-kept Inland Bearded Dragon (Pogona vitticeps) is not the only species of Bearded Dragon. This page discusses the species which make up the Bearded Dragons, as well as their closest relatives and how they relate to other reptile groups.






Temperature-Dependent Sex Reversals in Bearded Dragons - Combining several papers published by Canberra University, this explains the concept of Bearded Dragons switching sexes in the egg in response to temperature, as well as the implications of it.


Temperature-Dependent Sex Determination in Leopard Geckos - Unlike Bearded Dragons, the sex of a Leopard Gecko is determined by temperature in the egg. This was written as an accompaniment to our TDSR article above.


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