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Email: andy@hadesdragons.co.uk


Phone: 07505 446 826



Before purchasing a dragon, we recommend you read through our Caresheet. You should also look at the Checklist, to ensure you have everything ready for your new arrival!



If you can't see what you're looking for here, have a look at our Future Plans page - we have a lot of projects in the pipeline!



Collection in person is preferred, but if this is not feasible we offer local delivery or nationwide courier - please Contact Us for details.



Please note that it is impossible to 100% guarantee the sexes of younger dragons - although the vast majority are correct, occasionally dragons are slow to develop which can cause problems. Please see our Sexing page for more information.



We grade and price our babies based on their morph, genetics, age, size, temperament, colours, patterns etc. Please see our Grading and Pricing Explanation page for more details.



If you're new to reptile keeping or are a long distance from us, we're happy to hang onto babies (space permitting!) with a deposit until they're a bit larger.



Updated 15/3/11



Female 2010 Leatherback 100% het Trans, 66% het Hypo





Female 2010 Leatherback 100% het Trans, 66% het Hypo





Male 2009 Red Tiger - Proven





Female 2010 Red Leatherback 50% het Hypo


Small toe and tail nips from cagemate when young




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