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Latest News


Hades Dragons to Close

14/10/10 - We will be gradually reducing our breeding and rehoming our dragons over the next 12 months. More details here.



New Babies For Sale!

14/10/10 - New babies added to our Available page, including Red/Citrus x Red Tiger!




New Babies For Sale!

18/8/10 - New babies added to our Available page, including Tangerine Leatherbacks!



Coming Soon...

1/7/10 - We are growing on a group of Citrus Hypo beardies - they'll be on sale soon!



New Page Added!

20/5/10 - A look at the advantages and disadvantages of using naturalistic setups compared to using very artificial-looking ones!



Beardies Hatching!

11/5/10 - Eggs from Orion x Voodoo are hatching!



Beardie Eggs!

9/5/10 - Phoenix, a giant Fire and Ice female, has laid eggs.



Beardies Paired!

5/5/10 - Goliath and Marissa have been paired.




Welcome to our new-look website! Following a recent expansion we've now split it into three different sections - Bearded Dragons, Uromastyx and Corn Snakes. Please use the links and icons above to navigate around the different sections!


This page will contain all of the latest news regarding Hades Dragons and our website.





About Us

We are private breeders of bearded dragons, Uromastyx and cornsnakes, based in Chester, Northwest UK. We're a short distance from Manchester, Liverpool, North Wales and the rest of Cheshire, and an hour or so from Birmingham. If you are not able to travel to us, we are able to arrange delivery throughout the UK.


Our reptile journey started with a pair of female leopard geckos back in the mid-1990s - back then before the internet and widespread access to information, we were heavily reliant on books, advice from other keepers, and general common sense! This is something we are keen to see continue, and are only too happy to share any tips and advice we've picked up along the way!


We discovered the world of bearded dragons in 2002, and very soon after had purchased our very first one. A year later we bought her a mate, with the intention of breeding them when they were both ready. A successful breeding followed and we began to discover the world of "morphs" - weird and wonderful combinations of colours and patterns!


After keeping a couple of the original babies and some buying unrelated future partners for them, our collection was growing! Further breedings and additions followed, and have ultimately led to where we are today, with a large and diverse group of bearded dragon morphs from all over the world. However our ethos remains the same - all of our animals are treated like pets, and their welfare and well-being is paramount.


Always keen to try our hand at something new, we first added cornsnakes to our collection in 2008. A couple of new adult additions mean we now have a small breeding group.


As most of our experience has been with desert-dwelling lizards, incorporating a group of Uromastyx ("Dabb Tail" or "Spiny Tail" Lizards) into our collection was almost inevitable. These are fascinating animals, with great personality and character. Adult males can be among the most colourful lizards commonly available as pets. With a good selection of different species and an even greater range of colours, Uromastyx really do offer something for everyone!



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